What Makes You BE-YOU-TIFUL


i write this for those who cant yet see their beauty, and for me.

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so, i just looked up the word BEAUTIFUL and i dunno – something feels fishy with what the dictionary has decided this word should uphold.

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most of this definition feels superficial.  THIS is why it is so difficult for us to know how to truly process our [internal and external] beauty, don’t you agree?!


I find myself more on the wavelength of Cristina Yang (from Grey’s Anatomy, duh).  I think that who we are on the outside is only made better and more prominent by who we are on the inside.  i am learning to acknowledge and honor my internal and external beauty more and more every day, then intentionally growing into my beauty as a part of my daily self love practices.  growing into our beauty?!  – i know, weird.

what I mean is:

  1. i accept who i am and love myself, no matter what.

  2. i am open to receiving love, not hate, and will give love back to the universe.

  3. i am made of all things beautiful, and I AM WORTHY.

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have you ever had a day where you just felt ugly? you felt of less value than others, and less appealing to the world around you.  I HAVE.  and on some level, i bet you have too.  i have felt triggered by things that people have said to me, by attention that i haven’t received (or have received when i didn’t want it, in some cases).  I have felt antagonized when my intelligence has been challenged publicly, my view points have been negated, or even when my height and weight come into question.  i have felt ugly when someone asks if i am sick, simply because i am not wearing makeup.  or when they look me up and down, then ask if I played basketball in school because of my size and skin color. * major eye roll *  I could go on for days, and so could you, i bet.

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and you know, it’s easy to get sucked into “the ugly place” (as i’ll call it).

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when we start to believe the negative things that people say about us, it truly messes with the trajectory of who we have the potential to become as individuals.  think about our childhoods – on the playground – a kid says something about you at random, and it sticks.  you believe it, and for years you go on with a stigma that was ignited by a kid who doesn’t even matter to you.

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that bad energy will have you stuck in “the ugly place”.  sometimes for years.

but now, let’s talk about how to get out of “the ugly place”.  let’s discuss the word BEAUTIFUL.  I like to break it down into BE-YOU-TIFUL, because that is the only way to stay out of “the ugly place” – to BE YOU.

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one day, after a major pity party, i decided it was time to buck up and get out of my own way.  i decided that my kind of beautiful was the only kind i need.  i made a conscious effort to block my mind / heart / soul from entering “the ugly place”, and to only allow in things that make me feel BE-YOU-TIFULI decided that I AM ENOUGH – I AM WORTHY.  I stopped seeking validation from people around me, and started purposely surrounding myself with people and things that made me feel both authentic and BEAUTIFUL.  and most importantly, i focused on growing my beauty from the inside out!

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it takes courage to be BEAUTIFUL.

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it takes courage to love yourself despite weird moments in life, despite things that make us obviously different than everyone else, despite the choices we do or don’t make.

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and it takes a solid foundation of internal beauty to fuel this thing we call life.

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it takes courage.  you are courageous.

a tribe of powerful contributors answered our latest survey, which is all about the word BEAUTIFUL.  Here is what they had to say:

So…what’s on your mind?

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what makes you feel BEAUTIFUL?

My smile, the sun, moisturizing my skin, my family, my friends. I wish I did a better job of consistently believing I am beautiful.

Being truly loved by someone

Covering my skin in coconut oil after a shower, wearing red lipstick, winged eyeliner, dresses that hug my curves.

Looking at my daughter. Just the mere fact that my body was able to grow another human being is amazingly beautiful to me.

Smiling. Not because of my smile itself, but because of what it signifies.

tell a story of a time you felt BEAUTIFUL on the inside.

I kept trying to answer this question. It’s weird because people will compliment my spirit and my heart all the time, and they say really kind things about the beauty and energy that’s happily bursting out of me and that I radiate light. I think they would be shocked at how much I don’t see myself like that. Logically, it must be true for so many people to see me like that, but I see so much gray area and room for improvement when I look inside of me. I come up lacking, wanting in my eyes. They see a beautiful spirit, I’m just eternally grateful I trust my people and their vision, their insights, and I hope to one day consistently and truly see beauty in myself without overthinking, and to trust what I sense in myself.

I had to really think hard about this one, and for a few hours. I don’t think about myself and self love too often. Some days it could be I had a good makeup day and I get compliments at the grocery store, other times it could be instant gratification at work after helping someone in need. But, the one time my heart truly felt beautiful was when I got done with a relationship and I realized my worth. I drove 5 hours back home to be with family and my closest friends and I realized my heart is full of love and it is strong. The power of the love I have is extraordinary. I am worth it, I am enough and I am beautiful.

Bringing it back to smiles, when I say/do something that makes another smile or laugh is when I truly FEEL beautiful. Knowing that my actions brought positivity & happiness to another, even if fleeting, is the ultimate beauty.

When I pay compliments to others, mostly women and girls of all ages and ethnicities I feel beautiful. Seeing their faces light up makes my heart so happy and makes me feel beautiful.

I’ve felt most beautiful when I was able to serve others. Whether it be providing food or just supporting someone in their time of need. Being a blessing to others is when I’ve felt most beautiful on the inside.

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i mean, come on!  CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

Contributors, whoever you are, THANK YOU.  You nailed it, each and every one of you. Your truth is my truth – it’s all of ours.  The things you said with such openness are the inner most thoughts that most of us avoid admitting to.

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I urge you to practice growing your beauty, friends.  put real effort into discovering how truly amazing you are right now in this very moment.

take a minute and look in the mirror – think about all of the things you’ve made it through and all of what is to come in your life.  think about the times you made someone’s day by simply saying hello, or giving a smile of approval to another queen or king you see in passing.  think about the times you didn’t do ‘that’ thing, or you got the courage to do that other thing you were afraid of.  you are amazing. believe it.

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i will always end our #powerpact sessions by saying that i see you, i love you, and i am on your side.  let’s grow.

Comment below to add to this flow of thought.

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