i write this while feeling equal parts “jump with excitement” & “jump off a cliff”.

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if you ask me, HUMILITY is a game.

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by definition, the word HUMBLE sucks.  seriously?! –  a “low estimate of one’s own importance”?!  get outta here with that noise!  i am on board with the synonym “respectful”, but outside of that all of the other words are things i strive not to be.

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so maybe it’s that we need to redefine the anatomy of the word HUMBLE. i asked a few anonymous friends to help me out with this, and here is what they had to say:

how do you remain humble while working toward bettering yourself?

By thinking of others who simply have it worse. I may want a better job to make more money to buy nicer things but in all honesty some people don’t have a job, make little to no money and are happy with the “things” they already have.

Reminding myself there’s always someone better out there and go just keep bettering myself.

Check yourself! I always look at a situation and wonder, what could I have done differently to produce a better outcome. This works everywhere- work, home, kids, socially. I mess up, I say the wrong things, invest in the wrong people/activities, over extend myself, etc. Looking back and learning from what I’ve done, it can hurt, but it helps me grow and move forward.

Prayer and servitude.

i let my work speak for itself. I challenge myself not others. Others accomplishments are commended not competition. I don’t envy.

Staying in the moment. Day by day progress. Staying focused on my own growth.

By never forgetting how far I have come and how easy it is to get back there.

yes, yes, and YES.  It’s pretty simple.

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HUMBLE 2.0, by [my] definition:

  1. Listen more, talk less.

  2. Show appreciation.

  3. Know that there is room at the top.

  4. Be open to making mistakes. Ask for help.

  5. Don’t micromanage.

  6. Welcome criticism.

  7. Don’t be a jerk.

be humble, but still be openly AMAZING.

being HUMBLE does not mean you have to trade in your confidence or self love. Continue to be AMAZING, proudly.  Continue to strive and thrive and grow.

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and periodically, in the midst of your humility, take a second and really bask in your own excellence.

Think about that thing you did right at work.

Think about your kids, your pets, your friends.

Think about how you didn’t cuss that person out (even though they deserved it).

Think about the promotion you just got.  …or the promotion you didn’t get, but all of the things you want to do in preparation for your next step.

Think about how you didn’t kill the plant you bought, so maybe you do have a nurturing soul somewhere down in there.

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brag on yourself. just do it! tell us something dope about YOU.

I have great people skills (s/o to Mom) and love having good relationships with people

Between work, kids, and time with friends and family, I make time to give back to my community. Working with my neighbors to better our community and those around us is so important to me. Introducing my daughter to that watching her drive those around us, has been an amazing bond for us.

I have the ability to Motivate and Inspire people.

I made an awesome kid.

I am a down ass chick! Loyal, persistent and resilient I am uniquely un-abiding to societal expectations which allows me to unapologetically and relentlessly strive toward the bigger picture. I want nothing more than to help make your dreams come true and I am capable of achieving anything! I’m a projector, ask and you will receive, it’s my human design.

The ability to balance motherhood, womanhood, a career, furthering my education, financially and emotionally supporting my family comes easy to me. I manage to be cute, charming, and confident all the while.

I give a damn about people. And I do something about things going wrong

I’m freakin hilarious. Maybe not stand up comedian hilarious, but the stuff that comes out of my mouth has people in tears. And I can cook/bake my tail off.



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Being humble (by it’s new definition / anatomy) is great and all, but i think it is equally important to know when to celebrate yourself.  we find our power when we observe and live between the lines of HUMBLE and PROUD.  the key is to NOT let the pride take over – then you start to head into the dangerous territory i like to call “jerk status”.

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you better be careful with the PRIDE, honey.  it’ll get you before you even know it!.

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here are a few ways to keep your pride in check.

give us some advice. what are a few things we can do to not be a jerk to others?

Think before you speak. Think about your tone. Think about how it’s going to be received. Care about others feelings. Show empathy.

Be empathetic. Understand that peoples attitudes and energies have a lot to do with the circumstances around them and not who they are at their core. We all get overwhelmed. You never know what others are going through. Be kind. Don’t let their darkness dim your ability to be light.

Treat yourself well, don’t compromise your character for anyone. Your self worth is reflected in how you treat others so start from the inside. “Free your mind and the rest will follow. Be color-blind, don’t be so shallow.”

Listen with open ears. Talk TO people not AT them. Be open minded. Approach others with little to NO judgement. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes even if you could/would never wear them

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at the end of the day, we just want to be the best versions of ourselves that we can imagine.

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we want to be successful.  we want to grow.  we want to be humble, but we also want life-moments to celebrate.  and, we want to be around people who can share it all with us.

who sets the bar for success in your life? why?

I set the bar for success in my life. The reason why is simple. I am responsible for my life, my happiness and my success.

God through me or me through God. I answer to a higher power because that’s what I was sent here to do. My vision for success is out of this world.

My husband. Always holding me down. We are better together.

I set the bar for success for me. I trust God that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I keep pressing my way and stay focused on what my current goals are.

A few women I work with. They are unapologetically true to themselves and inspire me everyday.

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friends, have BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE.  work hard.  be the bomb.  know you are the bomb.  let others tell you you are the bomb.  and stay respectful.

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i will always end our #powerpact sessions by saying that i see you, i love you, and i am on your side.  let’s grow.

Comment below to add to this flow of thought.

catch me on the ‘gram if you want at @THEPOWERPACT


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