Would You Rather…

I write this…well, i didn’t write this.  Today’s post is strictly a culmination of the responses to my weekly survey.

The importance of the “Would You Rather…” concept (to me, at least) is to show the different ways that people interpret the same two options, and WHY.

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We are all so heavily influenced by the things around us, by our experiences in life, and by our exposures.  The way we interpret ‘options’ is often the gut reaction to the things that influence our decision making skills in life.

Our DEFAULT SETTINGS automatically kick in when asked “would you rather do this or that”, and sometimes we need to hit the OVERRIDE button in order to continue to grow and evolve ourselves.  These questions make us examine our defaults a bit and elaborate on why we are the way we are.

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let’s see what happened when my respondents were asked to choose.


Would you rather…

…be alone and successful, or build a family and have to edit your dream? why?

Why can’t I have both? I have periods when all I want to do is grind and reach my goals but the times I’ve done that I look up and realized I have no one to share it with. I guess I would rather put them on hold a build with my family.

I’d rather build a family and edit my dream because family is everything to me. I couldn’t imagine life without family. Dreams can change whether you are alone or have a family so might as well have people to enjoy your dreams with.

I believe you can have both if you use your time wisely. I’m alone and successful but one of my dreams is to have a family. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

i would rather have a family. The dream may be edited a little bit, but not deleted.

I have to believe there is a happy medium.

half of us reading this are like:

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and the other, more conflicted half are like:

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Would you rather…

…be famous, or live alone on an island? why?

Live alone on an island cause isn’t fame the same thing? At least I’d have nature.

I wouldn’t want either. It’s like an extreme on both ends. You either are isolated or have no privacy whatsoever. I don’t think I would function in either situations.

Famous. I always wanted to be famous because I’ve always wanted to reach many people at once and help them in any way I can.

I guess I would be famous because I don’t want to be alone on an island; seems pretty boring lol

Alone on an island.


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Would you rather…

…amass HELLLLLLA money and leave it to your family after you die, or make a comfortable living now that affords you to give to causes / people you believe in?  WHY?

What’s the point of saving for a future that could be taken away? There is no guarantee my family will enjoy it or Spend it doing worth while things. Id give it away now and watch the seed grow.

I would rather make hella money and leave it to my family. It would feel great knowing my family is taken care of once I’ve left this life.

Comfortable living. I can still give my family a legacy/empire if I work hard and build it while I’m alive so they won’t blow through the money.

I would make a comfortable living and give to causes/people I believe in. I would want to put my money to good use while I’m here instead of letting it pile up to give to my family members to blow. If I were to leave my money behind for family members, it would be for college and trust funds for my nephews and niece.

Comfortable living. I want to see my legacy before I leave this earth.

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i think this might be me.

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my family, if I left them $$$ LOL

(don’t tell them i said that)

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Would you rather…

…lose your sight or your hearing?  why?

My sight. I’d hate to not hear my loved one’s voices.

I think I would prefer to keep my sight. Even though I’d miss hearing great music, I couldn’t bare not being able to see my daughter’s beautiful face or not being able to see a sunset or watch the waves of the water.

Sight. If I could never listen to music ever again I would be a very deeply depressed human.

Ugh that’s the hardest question everrr! I guess since I’m a visual artist the ears would have to go?

Hearing. The World is just to beautiful to not be able to see.

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Would you rather…

…text message or talk on the phone? why?

Text, lol. I hate talking on the phone. A text I can send it and walk away. A phone makes me feel trapped. And cell phones cause cancer sooo. 🙂

I would rather talk on the phone. It’s much more intimate. Being able to hear the tone of whom you’re talking to. You don’t have to guess what someone means or is saying. Actual talking is personable.

Talk on the phone. Hearing tones in voices is so important.

I actually like both. I believe you connect with the person more by talking on the phone. Texting is super convenient, because there times when you can’t talk, but want to. I believe phone calls are for nights, weekends and lunch breaks, so I guess I’ll go with texting.

Both. Depends who I’m talking to. I prefer FaceTime with those closest to me. Text when I don’t feel like talking and phone only when it’s absolutely necessary.


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100% MEEEEE.

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not gonna call any names here, but…

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well, that was interesting.  right?!

The goal of this post was to a) confirm that you (or i) am not crazy and to b) make us think about what / how / why we choose the things we do.  also, this post is about how those choices impact us and the people in our lives.

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mission accomplished.

i will always end our #powerpact sessions by saying that i see you, i love you, and i am on your side.  let’s grow.

Comment below to add to this flow of thought.

catch me on the ‘gram if you want at @THEPOWERPACT

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